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“I must confess that this guide totally deserves the top accolade in interior customization techniques. I was really amazed at just how well written it is but what really stood out for me is how cost efficient it makes the whole customization process. Can you believe that I only spent about $370 to fully refurbish the entire interior of my old Chevy? Without any reservations I give this guide a thumbs up…”

Josh, New Jersey

If You Are Dead Serious About Saving Time & Money On ‘Greedy’ Auto Customization Experts Then Read Every Last Inch Of This Page…This Fool-Proof Guide Exposes The Fundamental Secrets Behind Auto Interior Customization—All The Industries Best Kept Secrets Will Be At Your Finger Tips In Less Than 5 Minutes! Read On To Learn The Facts Now…

From The Desk Of
Joseph Chambers
Tuesday, 11:10 A.M.

Dear Friend,

Owing to the sensitive nature of the information I am about to reveal to you I will not reveal my true identity for the sake of my own & my family's safety--Therefore I will go by the alias ‘Custom King’. I also can not guarantee that this site will still be running 2 days or 2 months from now (but I sure hope it will) as hundreds of customization companies are desperately working around the clock to have it closed. I therefore urge you to thoroughly read every word on this page before it disappears completely!

Well, Here Is My Story…

Until 3 months ago I was working for one of the biggest auto customization companies in the U.S. From exterior to interior customization this company did it & still does it all…Truthfully speaking I don’t remember a single day that I didn’t come into contact with ‘big fish’ clients who were willing to spend big just to have their seat covers changed!

I was in charge of the customization unit & I must confess the pay was pretty good…in fact; it was so good that I could afford to buy a brand new Cady from a single month’s pay…

“I Am Not Trying To Brag Or Anything But The Truth Of The Matter Is
That I Know More About Car Interior Customization Than Most Auto Manufacturers Know About Their Own Cars Interior Designs & Materials…”

About 5 months ago I started falling out with my superiors over the exorbitant prices that we were charging especially to the average clients…

For instance a full service seat upholstering would range anywhere between $8,000 and $50,000 depending on the type of car being worked on. I thought that these prices were too much given the fact that the company spent less than a thousand dollars on the actual materials needed for the upholstering process.

It wasn’t long before I decided to Part Company with them as I believed that their ‘GREEDY MOTIVES’ did not uphold the values that I stood for…

After 15 enjoyable yet regrettable years of draining people’s wallets to the bone I have finally decided to let the mouse loose and break the ice on this extremely lucrative industry—Walk with me while I let you in on the industry's BEST KEPT SECRETS that will blow the lid off everything you thought you knew about auto interior customization…

From today onwards I can guarantee you that you will never ever…AND I BOLDLY RE-EMPHASIZE THE WORDS ‘NEVER EVER’…pay a single cent to have your cars interior customized…

“I Will Reveal To You Some NEVER BEFORE SEEN SECRETS That Big Companies Use To Customize Car Interiors At A Fraction Of The Actual Cost…You Will Be Able To Do All This From The Comfort Of Your Own Garage & On The Tightest Of Budgets

My tips and techniques cut right to the heart of interior customization—these are techniques that have taken me over a decade to perfect. I still continue to receive amazing offers from other big companies every week that want to have me on board but I guess I am tired of always having to rip innocent people off.

You are about to discover the industries best kept interior customization secrets and I will tell you exactly how It's done... And how you can do it too!

Here is what I will show you inside the

Step-by-Step instructions on how to fully customize the entire interior of your car—it doesn’t matter whether it’s a vintage mustang or a modern day Ferrari; you will learn how to do it in a gypsy…

Access tones of highly guarded upholstering secrets—see why 90% of all car seats wear out even before the cars guarantee expires.

 How to check your ball joints—this is very easy stuff that doesn’t require you to pay an expert

How to choose the right tools for your customization—remember that a craftsman is only as good as the tools he uses!

For motorcycle lovers there is a treat for you—you will learn the exact customization tricks that have made ‘American choppers’ big…You have to see it to believe it!

How to build your own boat seat—you don’t need an engineering degree to do any of this stuff…I for one never even went to college to become ‘bad a**’ at doing this!

Van interior customization—yes I will show you how to customize your mini van the same way the experts do it…And you will do all this on a shoestring budget!

Hot customization Tips & Tricks that made me indispensible—that’s right; I will let you in on some of my most prized interior customization  SECRETS that not even my former employers know about

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 ‘solid & fool-proof’ information on car interior customization


Let me engage you on a little secret that you just have to know…There are many experts out there who claim to be masters of the customization art! Only God knows how many there are…

That however isn’t the problem! The biggest problem has always been how you get a guide that will give you the best value for your money—and the best value for your money in this case is durability!

I must confess; I have read several auto customization guides out there and while others are totally pathetic, a few of them are pretty good.

The only problem however is that none of the writers seem to be experts on the subject at hand. Most of the writers are merely good researchers who browse through hundreds of written materials and come up with a compelling guide. However as the famous saying goes…

“Experience is certainly the best teacher—and that’s exactly what sets me apart from the rest”

“I Have Been There Before…I Have Seen It All & Customized Them All…Who Better Teach You How To Fly A Plane Than A Pilot Himself…Just Think About It, Surely!” 

“Best customization Guide By far”

“The custom car interior secret is absolutely the best customization guide by far. Barely 3 weeks after purchasing this guide; I finally managed to sell my worn out porche…I spent less than $700 customizing the interior and the car went for an amazingly high price. I will certainly recommend your guide to anyone who is in need of interior customizing services”.

Dave Burnet, Ohio

Still Not Convinced! Well Here Is A Sneak-Peak Of Some Of The Benefits Of This Amazing Guide…

Easy, enjoyable & very educative reading.

Extremely detailed step-by-step instructions on what to do & when to do it!

Latest car interior customization techniques

Easy to follow instructions

Absolutely give away price for such intensive information

‘Kick-butt’ Secrets that only the crème de le crème customizers know of.

Reliable info that will work for you all the time.

Shoestring-budget interior customization techniques

User friendly customization techniques that will work for any one regardless of professional expertise.

Expert advice that can’t be found anywhere on or off the internet.

Expert advice on how to neatly sew your car seat covers

Replacing & sewing the highly complex stadium seat cushions

Hidden techniques that will make you the best home-based seat builder

Top of the crop advice on how to properly install your car seats

The do’s & don’ts when choosing & installing new car seats

Time tested secrets on how to manage your convertible car top

Tips on how to turn your convertible into the most attractive moving vehicle

Spicy tricks that will make your car look more sexy, luxurious & valuable

Mind boggling tips on how to make & install vinyl tops regardless of knowledge level

Exclusive never before seen expert tips on how to customize your cars interior to MTV’s ‘pimp my ride status’

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“Never Again Will You Ever Have To Pay A Single Cent For Your Cars Interior Customization…You Are On The Verge Of Discovering TOTAL INTERIOR CUSTOMIZATION FREEDOM & Its All On A Silver Platter!”

This ‘forbidden’ one of a kind interior customization blueprint will take you deep into the auto customization garage, guaranteed! I will show you how to ‘pimp your ride’ right there inside your own garage.

 I will show you how to increase your cars sale value, improve the interior appearance & above all transform your worn out interior into a sexy, luxurious, comfortable & attractive place, all on a shoestring budget.

“My Guide Is Extremely Unique Because It Accommodates Everyone Regardless Of Your Knowledge Level…Whether You Are A Teacher, Farmer, College Student Or A Retired Nurse; This Guide Will Teach You Step-By-Step How to Customize The Interior Of Your Car
At Expert Equivalent Level”

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Remember that this is a limited time offer as this site might be pulled down any time ~ so order a copy of this revolutionary auto interior customization blueprint today for a hugely discounted one-time-offer price; never again will you have to think of saving a cent to fund your cars interior customization…

“For A Modest One-Time Fee, You Can Effortlessly & Enjoyably Pimp The Interior Of Your Own Ride…”

I know what most of you might be thinking right now concerning the price but I urge you not to worry yourselves to death…

I know that most people who might be put in my position would exorbitantly price this guide to make a profit! But who am I to charge you thousands of dollars when I have already been robbing you in the past…I really think that would be inhuman on my part!

So here is the deal ~ I am not going to charge you $1000 or $100…Neither am I going to charge you $50! Let me just say that I will let you have it for a giveaway price

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To making you the best home-based car customizer,

Joseph Chambers

P.S. Remember that this is an extremely sensitive guide that I am offering you here! I can not guarantee that I will still be selling this guide 2 hours or 2 weeks from now given the powerful nature of its contents…The only guarantee I can give you is that if you purchase this guide right here, right now, you will certainly avoid disappointment! Click the link below to grab your copy before this page disappears completely.

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