Custom Auto Interior

Are you tired of the look of your car’s interior? Well, it will not take much of your time to make few changes to make a different look to your car. Fortunately, there are loads of products that are available for you to update your old car’s interior and have it to look new in no time. There are sort of custom auto interior designs that range from seat covers to carpeting and from the necessities to the extras that could make your car unique. However, you can take and follow these instructions to achieve a professional custom auto interior.

1. Cleaning and removal of panels– remove all of the pieces that you would like to be painted. Areas that you cannot remove from the car like the dashboard, it is extremely important to cover the entire area around where you are painting. It is essential as well to leave all of the doors open so that a good airflow will stop a cloud of paint from forming on the car’s interior.

2. Sand and contour the panels– sanding and contouring of the panels will depend on the finish that you would want to achieve. Personally, you usually like to have a nice and smooth surface finish on most of your interior pieces. So to achieve this, you should begin with semi-course sandpaper such as 800 grits. Be certain that once you are sanding each piece, you do it evenly. When you removed the majority of bumps and indents in the plastic panels and then move into a finer grade paper afterwards.

3. Apply the primer– simply hold the primer at about eight inches away from the surface to be painted and start spraying in slight overlapping strokes. Once you have applied a thin coat, let the individual piece fully dry. This must be taken anywhere between ten to thirty minutes depending on the thickness of the coat you applied.

4. Apply the base coat– to attain that custom auto interior look for your vehicle; the next step will be the application of base coat. When you are ready, start the painting process by applying several light coats and wait for at least 15 minutes between the coats for best results. And, once you are done with the base coat, let the pieces dry for overnight so you could get the best result that you desire.

5. Apply the clear coat– once you are finished applying the base coat, apply a good quality of automotive clear coat to each of the pieces. It must not be overlooked, as it will provide a super smooth and tough finish to your individual painted pieces. When you are done with this step, do not rush the dying process, the longer time you let the pieces dry, the better finish you will be able to achieve.

6. Rubbing the compound and finishing waxes– this is the final process for your custom auto interior preparation. Simply apply the rubbing compound to a clean fabric and apply thoroughly to the tinted panels. Wipe off all of the excess compounds and apply a single coat of good car wax. This will actually give you the pieces an excellent mirror finish and great shine. Delicately install the pieces back into place and you are done.

Are you ready to ride in style? Start that custom auto interior restoration and have your car in a different style.

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