Making A Bench-Seat Cover

Cars are considered by most of the people as a physical emblem of success. Once you have a luxurious car it can reflect the kind of life and the achievements that you have. Aside from that, cars are also considered by its owners as a source of pleasure and happiness. Although you can create your own car by yourself only, and the only way to have it is to purchase on in auto shops cars can still be as unique as you wanted it to be. Through car upholstery you can change and upgrade the exterior appearance of your auto. There are also car accessories available that can enhance the uniqueness and attractiveness of your car. Carpets, vinyl roof, seat cushion and bench-seat covers, to name a few are some of auto accessories that you can acquire for you to provide your car a distinctiveness factor.

Bench-seat covers are used to protect and to cover the seats of your vehicle. Without it, the seats of your car would be stained easily and will deteriorate faster. Aside from the protection that it can provide, bench seat-covers are also an effective way to enhance your car’s interior appearance. Even your car is very simple or its model is not that latest at all, bench-seat covers can provide flair factor for your car.

Making a bench-seat cover would be more ideal rather than to purchase one in an auto accessory shop. If this is just your first time to provide your car a seat cover, chances are, making a bench-seat cover would be better for you to consider rather than to visit your local auto accessory shop and purchase one. The process of making a bench-seat cover can actually be done quickly and conveniently. Here is a list of the things that you needed in making a bench-seat cover and the steps to follow.

1. Tape measure
2. Polyester knit fabric
3. Scissors
4. Machine Needle Pins
5. Elastic Sewing
6. Ball pen
7. Sheet of Paper
8. Fabric marker
9. Thread 1/8 inch

Step 1.
Measure the bench seat of your car using the tape measure. Write down the length of the seat side to side in the paper. Measure also the distance from the back of the seat going down, and across below to the actual bench-seat.

Step 2.
After taking all the measurements, provide an additional or allowance to each measurement. The space will be needed so that the cover will be wrap around the sides and back of the bench.

Step 3.
Get the piece of polyester knit, cut it in accordance with the measurements that you have taken. The color of the thread must also be in accordance with the color of the knit. Then pin the elastic all around the fabric.

Step 4.
Thread the sewing machine needle with your chosen color of thread. Sew the polyester knit in place and remove the pins.

Step 5.
Wrap or drape the seat cover over the bench seat of your car. Place it properly and get your fabric marker to mark on the exact location where your seat belts are. Then make a slit of about 3 inches where the marks are.

Step 6.
To make your bench-seat cover lasts longer, fold the edges of the slits twice and then sew so that it will be locked. After then place now your own seat cover onto your car’s bench.

Making a bench-seat cover would be easier if you have someone that will help you. If you already have a child, then you may ask him to join you in making a bench-seat cover. The process is not all about working hard, but instead it’s also about fun and bonding.

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