Making A Stadium Cushion Seat

Making a stadium cushion (seat) is a good way to provide your self a comfortable seating moments while inside the car most especially for long hours of journey. Particularly if you are the one who drive the car, seating in the driver’s seat directly will make you somehow uncomfortable. Knowing that some car seats are not that soft and makes you uncomfortable while seating, making a stadium cushion (seat) will help you a lot solve this problem. Although there are stadium seat cushions available in the market for purchase, it will be more economical if you can provide one by your own.

Aside from having the comfort, making a stadium cushion (seat) has still a lot of benefits and rewards for the part of the person who make use of it inside the car. Imagine, after you make your own stadium seat cushion you can have lots of advantages to experience then. Stadium seat cushion is an interior car accessory that can enhance or upgrade the appearance of your car. It also offers stylish factor and distinctiveness for your auto. In fact, stadium seat cushion can also reflect your personality as the owner of the car. Some people can visualize easily what kind of person the owner of the car is by just simply staring and observing on the over all packaging of the car. This proves that car is really a source of satisfaction for the owner, meaning one’s the owner is satisfied already in accessory less, plain car this will reflect his / her personality.

Here are some steps to follow and things that you need in making a stadium cushion (seat) for your car:

  • Vinyl materials / Cloth
  • Vinyl thread
  • Measuring stick or tape
  • Fabric marker
  • Scissors
  • Needle Velcro
  • Foam cell
  • Sewing machine (medium size capacity)
  • Paper
  • Durable – Elastic Plastic Sticks (should be hard enough but not brittle)
  • Unused garter

Step 1.
Purchase a quality, soft vinyl materials for your stadium seat cushion’s cover. Choose a color that matches the interior color of your car. Purchase then also a vinyl thread that matches the color of your seat cushion’s cover.

Step 2.
Take the measurement: the width and the length of the surface of your car’s seat. Do this by using the measuring tape and record every measurement that you will take using a marker. You need also to get the distance of the backrest from edge to edge.

Step 3.
Use the measurements that you have taken to determine the size of the squares. For safety purposes and for assurance, do this method first in the paper that will serve as your pattern. Then, cut out the vinyl safely.

Step 4.
Sew the vinyl cloth using the sewing machine that you have cut on its three sides. The other side must be left open because this will be used as an entrance for inserting the foam cell. Provide some allowance for the seam. Do the same process for your backrest.

Step 5.
Insert the foam cell inside the open side of the vinyl and lock it using the Velcro.

Step 6.
For stadium seat cushion’s backrest, cut out the plastic stick equal to the measurement that you have taken. Lessen the length of the stick by ? or ? so that it will not be parallel or will not level on the top of the seat of your car’s backrest.

Step 7.
Wrap the two sticks with the excess vinyl thoroughly and then tie it using an unused garter. Insert these sticks in the vinyl through the open side and then settle it at the sides of the vinyl so as to support the stadium seat cushion. Use you excess foam cell and sew it at the top center of the backrest.

Step 8.
Attach the backrest of your stadium seat cushion to the main cushion in the side where the seams are made.

Making a stadium cushion (seat) is uncomplicated. What you just need is to learn how to use the sewing machine properly if this will be your first time to use such equipment. If you have your own idea, then better to apply when making a stadium cushion (seat). If you have an unused piece of cloth that has a design with your favorite basketball team, or soccer team, certainly it will be great if you make use of it as your stadium seat cushion outer cover.

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